Monday, September 6, 2010

The sale is going well! Thank you everyone, so very much.

I thought I might let everyone know that if you have never been to, it's a great auction house. Of all the sites I have sold on since I began selling online, this place has the greatest management staff by far.

My store (Buzzard Flats) can be found via one of my links (on Facebook, Twitter, or AlsoShop's forum) or if you are at AlsoShop's home page, there is a search bar you can use to find any specific store you need. Cool, eh?

If you find something you would like to purchase (preferably from my store, duh, like NOW would be good) but you are not yet a member, no worries. Click on registration button and you will be presented with a choice to sign up as a buyer only, or as a seller. There is no verification to become a "buyer", but you do need to provide your email address. That's it. And you can always change from a "buyer only" to a seller at any time. You can also go in to the AlsoShop Forum and read about currant listings, but if you wish to post, you will need to register.

Now, as for my recovery from all these surgeries, this emergency sale really IS kicking my proverbial butt. If someone would just remove the burning in my spine, or heal my carpal tunnel sites, well hey! I'd be good to go. Family emergencies really take it out of ya, don't they.

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