Sunday, September 19, 2010

Momma Bear gets REAL protective you know...

I have to laugh at myself. I've learned that I really am a "Momma Bear" and as they say, you just don't mess with her cub. Seriously.

My cub, my Angel Girl, has been put through the ringer and I'm proud to say she's held her head up the whole way. As a mom, I know I can't protect her from the roller coaster of life, but I can sure give it my best shot.

All the while, I'm still recovering from my LAST (ahem) Carpal Tunnel surgeries. I say surgeries because not only was my wrist operated on, but also my elbow AT THE SAME TIME!! Ugh. The pain is way more intense than I ever imagined, which is why I'm not typing much. Mind you, I still can't hold a pen or a pencil. In fact, I really can't hold a cup of coffee yet. Ouchie :(

My silver linings are that my girl is in a safe place for the moment, and my emergency sales are really going fantastic. I have a great reputation, which helps no doubt, and GREAT customers. THANK YOU ALL!

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