Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some items listed for my Emergency Sale

Sitting at the computer for more than 10 minutes at a time still causes my legs to go numb :-/ (this is no fun). However, if I keep getting up and down, after half an hour or so I can manage to get one or two items listed. How frustrating this is! I really miss the old me.

I have a few more items listed that I want to share:
A wood crate with sample jars of Buzzard Flats jelly/jam

I miss canning something fierce. This entire year I have found that I can't stand at my stove for more than 1/2 an hour. This is driving me crazy. Just cooking dinner is a major feat; many times asking my poor hubby to finish up for me. I hope to be able to go to one of those "pain clinics" somewhere soon; this is no way to live.

Since I cannot do any canning until my body heals, I've found a few random items that I need to sell. My emergency sale really is going well, but the other items I can sell will help my daughter as well. I hate feeling like my body has turned completely against me. And living on pain pills is no life at all; I don't recommend it.

BRAND NEW 3-pack Package of Women's Briefs Size 7 for sale for $2.50. That a price we haven't seen since the mid 70's!

Here's the link:

There are more items listed, but I can't sit here much longer. My back is already screaming, "MOMMY!!" lol
Thanks to my customers, from my heart. This emergency sale is going to a good cause.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Momma Bear gets REAL protective you know...

I have to laugh at myself. I've learned that I really am a "Momma Bear" and as they say, you just don't mess with her cub. Seriously.

My cub, my Angel Girl, has been put through the ringer and I'm proud to say she's held her head up the whole way. As a mom, I know I can't protect her from the roller coaster of life, but I can sure give it my best shot.

All the while, I'm still recovering from my LAST (ahem) Carpal Tunnel surgeries. I say surgeries because not only was my wrist operated on, but also my elbow AT THE SAME TIME!! Ugh. The pain is way more intense than I ever imagined, which is why I'm not typing much. Mind you, I still can't hold a pen or a pencil. In fact, I really can't hold a cup of coffee yet. Ouchie :(

My silver linings are that my girl is in a safe place for the moment, and my emergency sales are really going fantastic. I have a great reputation, which helps no doubt, and GREAT customers. THANK YOU ALL!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The sale is going well! Thank you everyone, so very much.

I thought I might let everyone know that if you have never been to AlsoShop.com, it's a great auction house. Of all the sites I have sold on since I began selling online, this place has the greatest management staff by far.

My store (Buzzard Flats) can be found via one of my links (on Facebook, Twitter, or AlsoShop's forum) or if you are at AlsoShop's home page, there is a search bar you can use to find any specific store you need. Cool, eh?

If you find something you would like to purchase (preferably from my store, duh, like NOW would be good) but you are not yet a member, no worries. Click on registration button and you will be presented with a choice to sign up as a buyer only, or as a seller. There is no verification to become a "buyer", but you do need to provide your email address. That's it. And you can always change from a "buyer only" to a seller at any time. You can also go in to the AlsoShop Forum and read about currant listings, but if you wish to post, you will need to register.

Now, as for my recovery from all these surgeries, this emergency sale really IS kicking my proverbial butt. If someone would just remove the burning in my spine, or heal my carpal tunnel sites, well hey! I'd be good to go. Family emergencies really take it out of ya, don't they.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Emergency Sale is going well, thank you God, and thank you to my customers. A few more items have been listed, but I must admit my surgery sites are burning hard tonight.

My store, on AlsoShop, is now called BUZZARD FLATS (yay!) instead of Buzz Auctions. Most of my customers have been with me for years and have known me as Buzzard Flats (Buzz) ~ and the owner of Also Shop was kind enough to change my store name for me. Special thanks going out to her.

Copy and paste this link into your browser, and it should take you to my store. Again, this IS an emergency sale

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Emergency Sale from Buzzard Flats

I've got an Emergency Sale going on right now over at AlsoShop Auctions. My store is Buzz Auctions, although I'm hoping to get that changed to simply Buzzard Flats.

My AlsoShop Auction Store (Buzz Auctions): http://www.alsoshop.com/stores/Buzzard_Flats

All my Jams, Jelly, Preserves, and fruit butters are listed (all I had) and must be sold ASAP. You do not need to be a member of AlsoShop to make a purchase -- and it's for a damn good cause.

I hope to find more stuff to list. Right now I need to get the photos of these gourmet foods uploaded to a new photo hosting website, as the ones I used in the past seem to have been disabled.

Speaking of disabled, since I last posted I have had 5 (count 'em) carpal tunnel surgeries. THAT explains why I haven't been here. Sorry peeps.