Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's hotter inside the house than outside!

I took a vacation (of sorts) recently. I had not gone on any type of vacation of any kind for almost 3 years (yeah, so?) but this was an extended away-time for me. 4 weeks or so, this time, and I loved being away from home like nobody's business. I got to see my daughter, finally, and was able to spend some wonderful time with friends I grew up with in Mill Valley, California.

BUT? Well, the ramifications of taking my vacation have been mammoth though.

  • I came back to find all of my outdoor potted plants either dead or gone to seed. Grrr.
  • I came back to find an extremely pregnant kitty, who chose to begin her birthing process within 24hrs of my return, on my living room carpet!
  • I came back to find that our forced-air unit (heats and cools) is broken and no longer cools the house.
  • I missed the harvest of blueberries this year - one of my top selling jams. Dang.
  • AND, our freezer is freaking out and not freezing my fruits for canning. THIS is NOT GOOD!

ALL of this has caused major problems for my canning (well, okay, except for those 5 little angel kitties who now reside in my bathroom). I started my plum jam, only to find out yesterday that my processed fruit didn't freeze, so I'm scrambling to get it canned before it's too late. I've also got pear butter to can, apple butter to cook, strawberry jam to make, and both blackberry and pumpkin season are coming up fast. BUT OUR AIR CONDITIONER DOESN'T WORK?? Ohh no no no. I cannot stand at a hot stove with a steaming water canner in this kind of weather!

Oh what I'd give for volunteers! lol

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